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Blue/Green Heart

Blue/Green Heart Hometown: Boston, MA
Established: 1999

Kurt Ballou - guitars, vocals
Jason Amaral - bass, vocals
Benjamin Koller - drums

Blue/Green Heart, the definitive math-rock opus of the new millennium. Featuring two members of the legendary metallic hardcore band, Converge, the band is side project that steps far away from traditional hardcore music.

Self Esteem Through Modern Science was self-recorded in the trio's practice space prior to having ever played a live show. Although the record is merely a demo, the band chose to forgo cassette format in favor of the superior sound quality of 7" vinyl.

Blue/Green Heart is very similar to many of the other "side" bands Kurt has taken part in like 7% Solution, The Hugenauts, and Kid Killowatt. Although very unique in their own way, the music has been compared to Fuel, leatherface, and Pegboy.

Self Esteem Through Modern Science 7" Self Esteem Through Modern Science 7" EP
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